Malkin & Ross (M&R) has a talented group of support staff members with years of experience to meet the needs of our clients.

We offer a full menu of support services including, but not limited to, the services listed below. Let us know if you have a unique need and we will work with you to meet that need.

Bill Tracking – Bills are tracked through the Legislative Retrieval System (LRS). Clients receive up-to-date communication regarding legislation that is flagged in the system. The LRS system allows our team to track a client’s position on a bill and alert clients when action is taken on a bill from introduction through approval or veto. This system also allows our team to work with clients who track a high volume of bills to prioritize legislation and customize the alerts distributed by our office. This system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bill Introductions – We are experts at analyzing all new legislation introduced identifying client interest and forwarding out for review within 24 hours of release. The client is given the opportunity to review and track the bill through LRS.

Memo Delivery – Our office has the ability to deliver memoranda of support or opposition on legislation to any office in Albany. The LRS system tracks whether a client has a position memo on legislation and allows our office to distribute memos in a timely manner.

Communications – Our team monitors news, press releases, the New York State Register, pertinent documents released by the Governor’s office, state agencies and the Legislature. Our staff shares information with clients on the state budget, various government councils, policy workgroups and any news topics that are of interest to our clients. This information is sent out as soon as it is available. We have the ability to send press releases to the full Capitol press corps via an email distribution list and by hand delivery to the Capitol press room.

We use a software product called Vocus that allows us to electronically communicate with all legislators. This software has the capability to develop a database to initiate and track coalition work and other grassroots activity. Your members are added to a unique group database with their email, phone, and address. This database allows us to match activists with legislators in order to facilitate “call to action” email alerts.

Lobby Days – We have years of experience handling any type of lobby day, no matter the size. Our staff coordinates lobby days from the initial planning through post-lobby day analysis. We have relationships with legislative offices which allow us to schedule meetings with ease. Clients are kept up to date on the status of their lobby day throughout the planning process. We also have the systems in place to handle registration from large groups, sorting and matching attendees to legislators, communicating details via email and putting together final lobby day packets for distribution. Our post-lobby day analysis is in-depth and insightful. It gives you the opportunity to follow up based on attendees’ feedback after member visits.

Compliance – Our team has experts on staff to train individuals and answer questions on reporting requirements for both the New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics and the New York State Board of Elections. We are also capable of facilitating and managing political action committees (PACs) and Malkin & Ross can help prepare reports upon request, for an additional fee.

Meetings – We have a full support team to handle all meeting requests. We have developed relationships with staff in the Governor’s office, the Assembly, Senate, and the full spectrum of agencies. We are able to reach out to the key staff in these offices to facilitate our client’s needs whether it is an emergency or planned well in advance. Malkin & Ross has years of experience and strong relationships with the support staff in Albany.

Advocacy Materials – We are able to take your ideas and develop advocacy materials for any issue or campaign our clients need to highlight.