Malkin & Ross (M&R) meets clients’ broad needs by providing an array of strategic planning, public relations and other advocacy services in addition to representation before the State Legislature, executive agencies, authorities, and commissions. One critical piece of our strategy is to help form relationships with third-party interest groups, individuals, local governments, businesses, and other stakeholders. These relationships – particularly those that align unexpected partners for a common goal – can enhance credibility and broaden the appeal of an issue. M&R considers this an integral part of issue campaigning.

Coalition Building

M&R’s reputation is founded on its innovative work for nonprofit organizations, trade and professional associations, unions, and human service agencies. We maintain close links to these potential allies and when it is appropriate and possible, we join forces to advance our clients’ interests. Our pro-active work includes:

  • Connecting organization leaders
  • Crafting messages with broad appeal
  • Launching & managing effective ad hoc issue coalitions and alliances
  • Providing strategic political advice and analysis

In an age when many advocacy organizations use powerful grassroots corps to “move the needle,” constituent mobilization can’t be overlooked when it comes to creating a climate for change. At M&R, we:

  • Identify, train, activate and mobilize constituents
  • Develop a message that resonates with a broad array of targeted stakeholders
  • Design outreach to local, regional, and national media outlets and put human faces on stories
  • Leverage clients’ Internet presence to increase the impact of on–the-ground advocacy

Malkin & Ross cultivates working relationships with numerous elected officials, their staff members, and business and advocacy group leaders throughout the state. We help clients:

  • Connect organization and community leaders with their legislators and key officials
  • Deftly maneuver complicated political obstacle courses
  • Identify community supporters of elected officials in order to leverage their knowledge and support for our clients’ causes