Malkin & Ross (M&R) specializes in providing government affairs services to a wide array of clients, including businesses, nonprofit organizations, trade and professional associations, and labor unions. Our lobbying and advocacy activities are complemented and enhanced by our unique use of media outreach to the Capital press corps, local reporters and editorial boards throughout New York State.

Unlike some lobbyists, who believe that their craft is best practiced behind closed doors, M&R embraces public inquiry and engagement. When it suits the client’s needs, we often take the extra step of meeting with and educating reporters on our clients’ issues. We set up meetings with reporters or stage a press conference to reach print, radio, television, and online outlets. When appropriate, we augment the messages in our legislative memos and meetings with op-ed articles, letters to the editor, and editorial briefings.

We also coach our clients to utilize the media to communicate the precise, intended message. One of the most common mistakes that issue campaigns make is delivering too many messages from too many messengers, or concentrating on the wrong message. We help clients craft the right messages for diverse audiences, prep them before meeting with reporters, anticipate and counter opposition, and ensure that the message reflects the goals of the campaign. Our skilled and experienced counsel has a record of winning public relations and media successes for our clients. M&R provides a full spectrum of services, including:

  • Message development
  • Strategic communications
  • Long- & short-term public relations planning
  • Public relations crisis management
  • Editorial promotion
  • Earned media outreach
  • Paid media
  • Press events & press kits
  • Communication audits

Over the years, our successful media campaigns – in concert with our lobbying services – have contributed to the end of New York’s death penalty law, increased funding for health care program, an enhanced Environmental Protection Fund and more.