Malkin & Ross’s (M&R) comprehensive approach to legislative lobbying and regulatory advocacy is designed to address the needs and objectives of our clients. Unlike most large lobbying firms whose clients’ primary concerns are the maintenance of the status quo, a majority of M&R’s clients seek major change in policy or budget priorities. This kind of lobbying often requires an aggressive, cutting-edge approach.

Our team has decades of experience and strong relationships with the executive and legislative branches of government, state authorities and agencies, advocacy groups, and the media.

For more than 25 years, M&R has helped clients:

  • Organize and develop strategies for success
  • Develop and execute local and statewide campaigns
  • Craft powerful messages to educate and motivate the public
  • Draft legislation and regulations to address concerns and track relevant bills
  • Formulate, advance and defend positions with decision makers
  • Secure bill sponsors and ensure the Governor’s signature
  • Secure funding from the New York State Budget
  • Build and promote partnerships with third-party allies
  • Court the media to obtain press attention for clients’ campaigns
  • Manage political action committees (PACs)