Portfolio of Success

Family Health Care Decisions Act (FHCDA):

In 2010, M&R was the sole driver behind the FHCDA, which allows family members and others to make medical decisions on behalf of incapacitated loved ones. NY was one of the last states in the nation to adopt such a policy.

Protecting Nurses:

In 2008, we passed a bill to end mandatory overtime for nurses in NY’s hospitals and nursing home. The following year, we enacted a law to disclose nurse staffing ratios in hospitals and nursing homes and in 2010 we made it a felony to assault a nurse.

Wage Theft Protection Act:

In just 7 months, M&R passed comprehensive reforms that ramp up protections for low-wage workers and law-abiding businesses undercut by competitors who make their profits by stealing workers’ wages; the first meaningful reforms to NY’s wage and overtime theft laws in decades. Timothy’s Law: After 12 years of contentious debate, M&R was brought in to help broker a deal that guarantees insurance companies provide mental health benefits to consumers.

Budget Victories:

M&R has secured millions of dollars in state funding for a variety of clients including, but not limited to, AIDS service centers, hospitals, drug rehabilitation centers, parks, economic development projects, trade associations, and unions.

New York's First Outdoor Smoking Ban:

M&R worked with legislative leaders to pass a smoking ban on all outdoor train platforms of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) including the Long Island Railroad and the Metro North Railroad. This was similar to laws passed in New York City and New Jersey, but marked the first time an outdoor smoking ban was placed into New York State law. It was a significant victory for metropolitan train commuters, who will no longer be forced to stand on crowded train platforms and breathe deadly secondhand smoke.

Missing Vulnerable Adult System:

In 2011, M&R worked to pass legislation that creates a statewide alert system for missing vulnerable adults, similar to the Silver Alert program in other states, which will help authorities locate cognitively impaired persons who go missing. The new law is in response to a number of instances where individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia have wandered away from home.

Energy Siting Law:

After 9 years of roadblocks to construction of wind, solar and other renewable energy i nstallations, M&R fought to re-establish the State’s centralized Energy Siting Board and a uniform regulatory process governing siting of major electricity generating facilities. This was a substantial victory for Renewable Energy Developers in New York, who are now able to build facilities through a centralized, uniform State process, instead of enduring a patchwork of local government review, which had stifled renewable energy development and hindered the growth of this valuable industry.

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