Justin Berhaupt

Justin Berhaupt recently joined Malkin & Ross as Counsel.  Previously, Justin was responsible for advancing Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's legislative agenda during Schneiderman's first term.  His most recent legislative successes have been the Nonprofit Revitalization Act of 2013, which was the first substantive reform to the Not-for-profit Corporation Law since the 1970's, and the Internet System for Tracking the Over-Prescribing (I-STOP), which serves as a national model to combat the growing epidemic of opioid diversion and addiction.  Justin has also served as a counsel in the State Senate and legislative researcher in the Assembly.  Over the years, he has developed strong relationships with members of both majority and minority conferences in both chambers.  Justin graduate cum laude from SUNY Fredonia and received his J.D> degree cum laude from Albany Law School.

Contact Justin at (518)449-3359 or by email at jberhaupt@malkinross.com.

Contact us at 518-449-3359 or via email at info@malkinross.com and discuss what Malkin & Ross can do for your organization.