Gene DeSantis

Gene DeSantis is a consultant at Malkin & Ross. Gene has more than 30 years of state legislative experience, with particular expertise in consumer, legal, and trade association matters. He advises a diverse client base on a wide variety of issues, and has represented clients’ interests before the legislature, the executive, and regulatory agencies. He served as chief counsel to the New York State Assembly Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection from 1978 to 1989. There, he was principal draftsman or negotiator of over 100 consumer laws, including the new and used car lemon laws, and the price gouging statute. He has worked closely with trade associations, labor unions and consumer groups to shape policy debate. Gene also served as a half-time faculty member at Syracuse University, where he taught courses in the Consumer Studies Program for 15 years, and as an adjunct at Albany Law School, where he taught consumer law.

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