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News and EventGovernor Cuomo Announces Details of Final Agreement on Major PriPlorities for End of 2015-16 Legislative Session

Evan's Law looking to crack down on texting while driving

It seems more and more, authorities and experts are tyring to hammer home the dangers of distracted and reckless driving. However, some lawmakers are worried simulations and statistics aren't enough to curb the problem.

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Governor Cuomo Signs Executive Order to Separate Teens from Adult Prisoners

Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order directing the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, in collaboration with the Office of Children and Family Services, to implement a plan to remove minors from adult prisons in the state. The plan, which was developed over the past several months, will transfer all female youths and all medium and minimum security classified male youths sentenced to state prison from adult facilities where they are currently housed to a juvenile facility. This facility will provide specialized programs of treatment geared for younger offenders while also ensuring the safety of staff, inmates and the surrounding community. 

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Governor Cuomo Announces Major List of Administration Appointments

A full list of the Governor's appointments can be found here.